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Discussion: Boards

  • Boyhood Sexual Experiences with Older Males: Beneficiaries and Benefactors
    A public, issue based forum sponsored by researcher and author Dave Riegel.
  • CLForum
  • Haven
  • Literature: Intergenerational

  • Kite Music - Gary Shellhart
  • Reasons of the Heart - Bron Nicholls
  • The World, The Flesh & Myself - Michael Davidson
  • Literature: Non-Fiction

  • Michael Jackson's Dangerous Liaisons - Carl Toms
  • Movies: Coming of Age

  • A Boy Called Dad
  • Boy (2010)
  • Half-Life (2008)
  • Meninos de Kichute (2009)
  • The Be All and End All (2009)
  • Movies: Gay Youth

  • Dream Boy (2008)
  • Movies: Intergenerational

  • Frosty Man and the BMX Kid (2010)
  • Movies: Resources

  • Epicat
  • Music: Musicians

  • Aidan Davis
  • Greyson Chance
  • Music: Video Clips

  • Afanasy Prokhorov - Opera
  • Ben Escorcio - Nella Fantasia
  • Bobby Andonov - Hallelujah
  • Connected
  • Harry Mondryk - I'll Be There
  • Libera - Deep Peace
  • Lil' Dre - Day Dreaming
  • Maxence - Juste Attendre
  • ShortyD
  • Shuan Hern Lee - Flight of the Bumblebee
  • SkywalkR
  • Personal Sites: Art

  • Giuseppe Bausilio
  • Ivor Presents his Mega Boys Art Project
  • Personal Sites: BLogs

  • Law and Sexuality
  • Personal Sites: Sports

  • Jordan Romero
  • Resources: Child Abuse

  • Soldiers Die While Taliban Plays With Boy Sex Slaves
  • The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan
  • Resources: Child Pornography

  • Japanese government blocks a ban on child pornography
  • Resources: Child Sexuality

  • Brazilian Archbishop Says Kids Are 'Spontaneously Homosexual'
  • Christopher Hitchens’ Gay Prep School Sex A Window Into Horny Teenage Bicuriosity/a>
  • Court Slaps Prosecutor Who Threatened Child-Porn Charges Over ‘Sexting'
  • Hidden problem of children sexually abusing children
  • Maine Commission Moves to Ban Gender Specific Bathrooms, Sports Teams in Schools
  • Young kids search for sex online
  • Resources: Fun

  • 7-year-old sings Piano Man by Billy Joel
  • Climb a boy
  • Kid Sings For Mom
  • Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church
  • Marcel Pietruch
  • More of a Sidekick
  • Seinfeld "Halloween" Tribute
  • Sibi Larbi Cherkaoui: Sutra
  • Younger Nuts Are Better Nuts
  • Resources: Hysteria

  • Dad Branded A Paedophile Over Pic Of Son
  • Life in jail for having a 13 y.o. touch a tit
  • Paedophile jailed for life after tickling girl
  • Sex Hysteria is Killing Mentorship
  • Should a Journalist Turn in His Pedophile Sources?
  • ‘Suggestive interviewing’ expert allowed in child molestation trial
  • Sympathy for the Devil
  • Terrorism and child pornography used to justify surveillance society
  • Wis. DA Threatens Arrest for Local Sex-Ed Teachers
  • Resources: Legislation

  • UK Supreme Court rules sex offenders can challenge inclusion on registry
  • Resources: Miscellaneous

  • I Have Tourette's but Tourette's Doesn't Have Me
  • Innocence Project
    The Innocence Project is a national litigation and public policy organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted people through DNA testing and reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.
  • The Exoneration Initiative
    The Exoneration Initiative is a free legal assistance program dedicated to exonerating the wrongfully convicted.
  • The War on Kids - The Freedomain Radio Interview
  • Resources: Research

  • ITP Arcados - Aus der Welt der Wissenschaft (German)
  • Resources: What is BoyLove?

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